The Dębno commune is located in the Małopolskie Voivodship along the national road No. 94 – 50 km from Kraków and 20 km from Tarnów, on the border of two geographical regions: Carpathian Foothills and Sandomierz Basin. It is one of the Brzesko county. It streches over an area of 81 km2, has over fourteen thousand inhabitants, and consists of thirteen villages: Dębno, Wola Dębińska (here the administrative center is located) ….. It was established in 1930 as a result of the reform of the state administration and the new territorial division of Poland, and has existed within its present borders since 1973. Due to its location , natural and cultural heritage, and good transport accessibility, the Dębno commune has quite a large potential, primarily in the area of creating and attractive offer of free time and trying to use this potential. The unit is still characterized by a significant role of agricultural production, an insignificant share of industry and the dominance of small services.

There are numerous restaurants, hotels and agritourism farms in the commune, which offer visitors a range of services.


  • Agawa


  • Nasz Młyn
  • Zajazd Porąbka
  • Mamma Mia
  • Karczma Pod Jesionami

Agritourism farms:

  • Na Kuźnisku
  • Uroczysko
  • Nad Niedźwiedziem

  • Uran Noclegi
  • Bunarówka
  • Lawendowe Wzgórze
  • Domek z widokiem

Communication system

The Dębno commune is located on the route of the modernized Kraków-Tarnów, Rzeszów-Medyka railway line. There is a railway station in the village of Biadoliny Szlacheckie. Every day, the railway offers dozen of connections via PKP (nationwide connections) and Koleje Małopolskie (on the Kraków-Tarnów route). The national road number 94 on the Kraków- Rzeszów route also runs through Dębno commune. The commune is constantly developing and offers communication facilities to its residents by providing free bus services on its area to enable residents from smaller villages to reach the most remote corners of the commune. Currently there are many road investments as part of the commune road renewal plan for 2022-2024, for example reconstruction of the commune road number 250290K Dębno-Szwaby.

Lines on which free bus services are provided:

  • Niedźwiedza – Dębno- Biadoliny Szlacheckie PKP
  • Jaworsko – Sufczyn – Biadoliny Szlacheckie PKP

Unemployment in the Powiat Brzesko:

Total numer of unemployed1621
Young people up to 25 years of age
Persons up to 30 years of age


Dane dotyczą 2022 roku

Unemployment rate

  • In Poland: 5,39 %
  • In Małopolskie Voivodeship: 4,68%
  • In Brzeski poviat: 5,9%

Educational institutions in the commune of Dębno

There are 15 educational institutions in the commune, including:

  • 10 public primary schools
  • 6 public kindergartens
  • 2 private kindergartens
  • public nursery

There are 1770 children in schools and 183 teachers are working in them. The Dębno commune can boast about high level of education and title of government education leader which received twice.

Companies in the commune of Dębno

More than 680 companies operate in the Debno commune. Most of them operate in the industrial and service sectors. Other companies operate in the logistics, automotive  and aglicultural sectors.

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