As part of the work of the Investor Service Point, the investor may expect support on three levels:

  • Local
    The commune keeps a register of personal activity and register of land
  • Regional
    Developed tourism
  • National
    The whole country is located in the investment zone


Tax reliefs for entrepreneurs from Małopolskie Voivodeship. Support of the Kraków Technology Park for companies.

Do you run a company in Małopolskie Voivodeship? Report to the Kraków Technology Park. You can receive support: CIT or PIT income tax exemption.

It is worth investing in Małopolskie Voivodeship Poland and taking advantage of the tax relief under the Polish Investment Zone (PSI) – an aid program  for investors supported by Kraków Technology Park.

Who can apply for support?

Entrepreneurs who want:

  • open a new company,
  • increase the production of company,
  • introduce new products,
  • change the production process.

That types of industries can apply for support?

Companies from a wide range of industries can apply for help. Almost all production and Logistics companies and some service companies cam receive help. Recent inwestor in PSI:

  • traditional industries (automotive, transport and chemical industries, food sector),
  • companies in the service sector (IT, research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences, accounting and book control, accounting services (excluding tax returns), technical research and analysis, call centers, architectural and engineering services).

Who makes the decision on support?

The decision on support in Małopolskie Voivodship- based on the entrepreneur’s application- is issued by the Kraków Technology Park on behalf of the minister responsible for the economy.

What is the real help for the company?

The amount of public aid in the area served by KPT  (CIT or PIT income tax exemptions) is:

  • 35% for large,
  • 45% for medium-sized,
  • 55% for small and micro-enterprises.

For example, a small enterprise investing PLN 5 million into land, build a company and purchase of the necessary equipment, will receive PIT or CIT break of PLN 2.75 million to be used during 12 or 15 years. This means that the entrepreneur will pay no tax until the limit of PLN 2.75 million has been consumed.

Kraków Technology Park provides assistance irrespective of the location of the investment. 

email: tel. +48 690 950 600 and +48 12 345 32 23

Direct link to additional information on the Polish Investment:


To register a business a natural person, you can choose one of the following procedures:

  • logging in to CEIDG completing the online application and submitting (signing) it electronically,
  • without logging in to CEIDG, preparing an online application and signing  it in any commune (remember the application numer),
  • downloading and submitting a paper application in the commune. The commune transforms it on an electronic application,
  • sending the application by registered mail to the selected commune. The signature must be notarized.

Choosing the first of the four possible ways, the first step in setting up your own business in an entry in the Cental Register and Information on Busisness Activity. This can be done at: by completing the appropriate form. When logging in for the first time , you must create an account and activate it  after receiving an e-mail confirmation.

In the second case, when we do not have an electronic signature, the form can be completed online without logging in. The next step in registering in this way is to deliver the correctly completed and printed form to any selected Commune Office, where it must be signed in the presence of an official. The application can also be sent to Commune Office by post. In  this case, the signature on it must be certified by a notary public.

The application for registration of business activity can also be obtained in paper version at the commune office. It should be completed and signed, and the employee pf the office, after confirming the identity, enters the data into the system, and the document will be signed with a secure electronic signature, and then sent to the Ministry of Economy.

A person who wants to start a business can also set up the so-called trusted profile. It should be  confirmed once in  person at the Tax Office or the Social Insurance Institution. This profile can be set up using  the electronic Platform of Public Administration Services. This convenience allows you to send documents (forms) later without leaving your home.

The CEIDG document is also an application for enty to:

  • the national official register of entities of the national economy, where the REGON numer is assigned,
  • an identification application to the Tax Office, which results in assigning or indicating the NIP number and selecting the form of taxation,
  • reporting the payer of insurance premiums to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS),
  • -registration of the KRUS contribution payer.

The CEIDG-1 application is used to report:

  • any changes to the information provided,
  • deletion of the entry in CEIDG , the entrepreneur has 7 days from the date of their occurence to report these changes,
  • reporting information on suspension or resumption of an entry in CEIDG. In turn the submission of this information must be before or at the latest on the date of resumption or suspension of the entry. If the business entity registering its activity does not yet have a REGON and/or NIP number, then after receiving it, it does not have to update the data in the CEIDG system. This kind of information appears there automatically after sending it.

In case of registering a civil law partnership, each of the partners is requaired to submit a separate CEIDG-1 application. In order to specify the type of business activity, the five-character PKD 2007 symbol should be entered in the form. The scope of the entrepreneur’s activities and his rights are specified in the Polish Classification of Business Activities. It can be viewed here on the website:

The submitted CEIDG form includes PKD designations, specific numbers provided in the PKD list of specific activities. In the form, includethe prevailing code as the first.

The last step in registering a buisness activity is to go to the appropriate branch of ZUS or KRUS to report insurance and to the Tax Office , if it is a taxpayer of VAT. The entrepreneur has 7 days from the date of submission of the application to perform these activities.

In the Dębno Commune Office, registration of buisness activity is handled by:

Agata Batko
Inspector for cooperation with the TSO, economic records, alcohol sales and public transport
Room: 102A
Phone: 14 631 85 66

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