Registration plots No. 381/2 and 382/2 located within the Wola Dębińska registration area are subject to the provisions of the Local Spatial Development Plan of the Dębno commune for the Wola Dębińska precinct.

The area of the plots is 95 ares.
Plot price: 3 300 000 zlotych

In accordance with the provisions of the above local plan, adopted by the Resolution of the Dębno Commune Council of March 18,2014 No. II/337/2014, the plots in question are located in the designated areas:

1. the area of ​​production facilities and warehouses, marked on the plan drawing with the symbol 1.P.6, with the primary purpose for production buildings, warehouses.

In the designated area 1.P.6, apart from the basic purpose, it is allowed to:

  • social and office facilities as well as facilities related to the exhibition, distribution of production and maintenance products;
  • commercial service facilities and craft workshops;
  • communication service facilities (car washes, car service, car workshops), transport bases;
  • wholesalers, commodity exchanges;
  • small architecture objects, roofing and sheds;
  • squares, pedestrian and road routes;
  • accesses and accesses.

In the area 1.P.6, the following conditions for land development and development are established:

  • maximum development rate – 50%;
  • height of production buildings – up to 12 m with the possibility of adapting it to the technological requirements of production;
  • height of other objects – up to 10 m;
  • the form of roofs for production facilities is not specified, but the angle of inclination of the roof slope from 0º to 30º is specified; the ability to adjust the roof geometry to the requirements of the technologies used;
  • biologically active surface – minimum 15%;
  • the obligation to implement green belts in the form of green screens located along the border of the investment from the side of residential development, from native plant species of diverse, vertical structure of vegetation, limiting the share of evergreen coniferous species to a maximum of 50% in the structure of planned plantings.
  • an obligation to use technical solutions ensuring compliance with environmental quality standards and protection against noise and vibrations of residential buildings located in the neighboring areas.

2. an area of ​​natural greenery, marked in the plan drawing with the symbol 2.ZR.7, with the primary purpose of green agricultural land and biological casing of watercourses.

3. On the public road KDD.13.

The above local plan is available in the Public Information System of the Dębno Commune Office under the link

The above resolution was published in the Journal device Małopolskie Voivodship on April 23, 2014, under item 2388.

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